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Welcome to Box of Doomage, an icon AND downloadable goodies community maintained by laenavesse. Originally this was just an icon community for me to post my non-Dragon Knights related icons (separate site for those xD) and some people (read: close friends sorry xD) could post their own icons if they want. I've decided to help make this thing more active and make my personal journal less cluttered by including other downloadble goodies such as screencap batches and scans that I do of works by Mineko Ohkami.

Feel free to watch, comment, join, and take any of the stuff I make, but follow whatever credit rules I put for my entries. For any of the other members that post, follow their crediting rules as well since we have different policies.


Yes, there are some or one who also post here, whoo 8D If you wish to join, just comment or ask, but remember, the better I know you, the better the chance of me saying yes. Same rules apply when taking any of their icons: comment and credit!



Feel free to make any requests via commenting. I can't guarantee that you'll like it but I'll sure as heck try and give you like 20 options to choose from ;_;


I made this profile layout on my own, so no stealie xO ESPECIALLY MY BANNER XO *hoards Dante*